The Los Angeles Chapter of the Stuckist International -
Stuckistas advocating Remodernism - the renewal of spirituality and meaning in art, culture and society.

Background image by German Expressionist, Conrad Felixmuller. 1935
Why Stuckism?

Why Stuckism?

The L.A. Stuckist group understands art theory as being inseparable from art practice. This page will present some of our thoughts regarding how we've come to this point, and which way forward for art.

It's OK to be Stuck: The very first essay by the L.A. Stuckist group, published April, 2006.
Postmodernisms and other Monsters: A short illustrated list of the type of art we are critical of.
Stuckism - Reactionaries vs Progressives: The "Congress for Cultural Freedom" & abstract art.